Build a business that outlives you

Grow a strong multi-generational business with a dedicated CPA team by your side.

Your business is your life’s work

We champion family-owned businesses wanting personalized accounting guidance to help them build their legacy. We’re dealing with someone’s livelihood and we don’t take that lightly. Our clients aren’t looking for people to “just do the taxes”, they want a partner to lean on, learn from, and grow with.

Everything we do at GWCPA is focused on moving your business from one generation of leadership to the next.

GWCPA team

Legacy is important to us too

We’re on a dual mission:

  • To enable and empower family-owned businesses. Your legacy is our legacy.

  • To make public accounting better for the next generations.

Like you, we care about our business and want it to yield a good living for the people it’s providing for - our partners, their families, and our teams.

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You’re a future builder

but we won’t let daily life pass you by.

When you run a family business you need big picture thinking: how can my business evolve from the patterns of the past, provide what I need now, and outlive me?

We help you put a plan in place for the future, and make sure you’re not too busy working to reap the benefits now.

Solve the problems blocking your vision

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    Do you want to build an unbreakable business that can weather any storm?

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    Do you need to understand profitability to do less work for more profit?

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    Do you want to be prepared for your taxes and know you're only paying what's necessary? No more, no less.

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    Do you need reliable cash and systems to be able to step back from the business?

The sky is not the limit. But your lack of support might be.

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We believe individual brilliance is mighty, but an empowered team is unstoppable. See if our team is a good match for you.

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