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Do the numbers feel like a drainer rather than a driver?

How we help

We look after your numbers, but we’re not only looking after the numbers. We’re looking after your business. For many of our clients, we’re their first phone call when they’re thinking through a business decision. You can do more to reach your vision when you have an advisor relationship you can rely on.

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We know you don’t want to be going somewhere else just for taxes. We’ve got you covered on all fronts. We square away your taxes and payroll as a by-product of providing your performance numbers.

  • Individual taxes
  • Payroll taxes
  • Business taxes
  • Trust taxes
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Performance level support is like having a finance expert on your team without having to hire them in-house. We’re pulling the numbers and talking to you on a monthly or quarterly basis about what they mean.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial statements
  • CFO services
  • Forecasting
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With an advisor by your side anything is possible. We provide strategic support and insight to help improve the areas of your business that need the most work. You’re crafting and continuing your legacy, we help you see your vision all the way through.

  • Technology adoption
  • Risk management/fraud audits
  • Internal controls and processes
  • Problem identification
  • Succession planning

GW support is for you if:

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    You have a growth mindset and you’re looking for opportunities to evolve
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    You realize change is necessary to remain relevant
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    You see the value of a succession plan to realize your vision
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    You want to both invest in your team and have a life outside the business
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    You always feel too busy to work on training leaders and successors
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    Cashflow is unpredictable and the changing economy keeps you up at night
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    You never know if you've paid in enough to cover taxes
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    You’re not sure how to innovate and evolve with the resources you have


"If you're looking for a full-service, trustworthy, expert accounting firm, you found it! I was referred to GWCPAs by one of their former employees, and I continue to experience first-hand their expertise, patience, and support from every staff member. They handle all my accounting needs: bi-weekly payroll, monthly invoicing, annual reporting and filings. The ability to offload these tasks frees up my bandwidth to focus on growing my business, and the ability to trust that these activities are performed correctly gives me priceless peace of mind. I regularly recommend GWCPAs to my network." Kate McLean, Written LLC - Mechanicsville, MD
"William Pope Travers was one of the very first clients of Paul Garbelman in the late 1940s. Now Popey’s descendants are clients in force – as the branches of the family expand and the myriad businesses and lives evolve, we always turn to GWCPAs for financial guidance and clarity. This firm will always respond respectfully and knowledgeably, is up to date on all law changes, and will never veer from the honest and ethical path. They have our complete trust and respect, and we feel respected in turn." Janet Travers, Travers Families and Related Businesses - Owings, MD
"But a good CPA is expensive!" You know one way to really quickly 3x your business? Hire a good CPA. They pay for themselves in the money they keep in your pocket on tax day, and the additional revenue and decreased stress can be invested back into the business for growth. Always grateful for my guy Barrett Young." John Flagg, Rebuild Stronger LLC - Oxford, NC
"We have been with Garbelman Winslow ‐‐ now GWCPA ‐‐ for over 40 years. The courtesy, personal attention, and professional service we have received over the years have been consistently top‐notch. From the preparation and submission of tax returns to the prompt and comprehensive responses to our random tax‐related questions, we have always been pleased. Samantha Bowling, our longstanding CPA and now Managing Partner, makes the intimidating subject of taxes just another mildly unpleasant task. Whatever the context, we are confident that we have the assistance we need to proceed with confidence. We'll never look forward to taxes, but we'll always look forward to dealing with GWCPA." Paul and Marianne Smith - Bethany Beach, DE
"I would definitely recommend GWCPA, in particular Samantha Bowling. Their team is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, informative, and professional. We are a family‐owned business with a lot of moving parts, and we find GWCPA to be an integral part of our business." PJ Martini, Martini and Associates - Annapolis, MD
"GWCPA's unwavering commitment to giving back, relentless pursuit of innovation, and unparalleled dedication to nurturing the next generation of talent sets a shining example for accounting firms everywhere." Rebekah Olson, The MACPA Foundation

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