4 Steps Towards Becoming A More Adaptable Company

Managing Partner Samantha Bowling, "This quote is one of my favorite quotes because I love change!"

We are in an age where technology is automating manual tasks and creating more time for us to do the things we love. GWCPA has innovated processes by moving our server to the cloud (15 years ago) and aggressively adopting new technology over the past decade. We were remote before COVID-19, so the pandemic did not impact our operations. We could support clients from anywhere by preparing and delivering financial statements and tax returns electronically. Our technology also facilitated sending invoices and collecting fees electronically, so cash flow was not an issue. We met with clients more because they were more receptive to virtual meetings because they were already using Zoom to meet with their family members.

Our success depended on various factors, but trust me, we made mistakes, and so will you. The key is to pivot when something isn't working immediately.

Step 1: Change your mindset that everything is perfect and nothing is broken. Everything is broken if you have not innovated any process or adopted new technology in the past few years. Just ask your team. They will tell you. Start by solving the one thing that drives everyone crazy.

Step 2: Appoint a Technology Champion. This person should have project management skills, be organized, and be driven to make change happen.

Step 3: Collaborate and Communicate the "Why" behind the change and illustrate roles that will change after implementation. Most resistance to new technology is because people believe technology will replace them; show them how technology elevates them to a higher level of thinking and value to the company.

Step 4: Celebrate success and don't penalize failures. Lessons can be learned from both. Failure is part of experimentation. Compensate team members for their innovative ideas and successful adoptions. Innovation and change will become contagious once your team sees your commitment to listening and making change happen.

These are just a few steps towards successful technology adoption. We are here to help you, so please get in touch with GWCPA for your next innovation.