Maryland Launches New Tax Connect for Business Owners - 2024

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The Comptroller's Office has launched a brand-new online portal for Maryland business taxpayers to use in 2024 - Maryland Tax Connect!

Maryland Tax Connect was made available for business taxpayers to register on Tuesday, February 6th.

You can access videos and guides here

Important Dates:

February 2-29, 2024 – PIN Notices will be mailed to business taxpayers to register for MD Tax Connect and authorize third-party access.

February 6, 2024 – Maryland Tax Connect goes live for business taxpayers and third parties to file a return and make payments as a registered user or guest.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Maryland Tax Connect, and when does it launch?

Maryland Tax Connect is a self-service portal that allows Maryland taxpayers to file their taxes online more easily and securely and interact with the Comptroller’s office in various ways. The portal is secure, and there is no cost to use Maryland Tax Connect. The Maryland Tax Connect portal launches for major Maryland business taxes on February 6, 2024. The old system, bFile, has already been taken offline.

Other tax types, including individual income tax, will be added to Maryland Tax Connect over the next two years.

2. How do I register for an account?

The Office of the Comptroller will mail welcome letters to existing bFile users and existing business taxpayers between February 2 and February 10, 2024. Welcome letters will be sent to newly registered businesses between February 10 and February 29, 2024. Arrival times will vary based on delivery by the United States Postal Service.

Welcome letters will contain additional information about Maryland Tax Connect and a personal identification number (PIN), which will expire within 45 days from the point it was generated. (Note: subsequent requests for PINs will expire within 30 days).

Business owners should visit MD Tax Connect and will need to follow the directions included in the letter to register. Be sure to have your PIN and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) on hand.

3. Who can register for a Maryland Tax Connect account?

Business administrators (either the business owner or someone overseeing business operations) can register for a Maryland Tax Connect account for their business entity. Business administrators can also authorize third parties – including CPAs, accountants, tax consultants, attorneys, tax preparers, or payroll companies - to access a business’ information on Maryland Tax Connect.

4. Once I've set up an account, how do I invite GWCPAs?

In order to become an authorized user, the third party (us) must first register with Maryland Tax Connect and provide their User ID and registration confirmation number to the business administrator (our clients).

The business administrator must then grant any authorized user(s) access. The business account should then appear in the authorized user’s list of accounts. This will give GWCPA a lot of insight into our clients' accounts, resulting in fewer questions to you!

5. What is the process to file or pay my business taxes using a guest log-in?

Business filers can either wait to receive their welcome letter and PIN, or they can opt to log in to Maryland Tax Connect as a guest before receiving their PIN. Importantly, business taxpayers will not face interest or penalties for late payments or filings resulting from this transition to Maryland Tax Connect from bFile.

To file tax returns and pay liabilities as a guest, a business administrator will need the following:

  • FEIN

  • Filing period

  • Financial institution information (if making a payment with the return)

If only making payments as a guest, a business administrator will need the following:

  • FEIN or Company Registered Number (CRN)

  • Account Period

  • Billing Invoice Number or Legacy Notice Number

  • Financial Institution Information

6. What other features can be accessed as a guest?

The following features do not require a registered Maryland Tax Connect account:

  • Public search inquiries for Motor Fuel Licenses and Special Fuel Exemption status

  • Public search inquiries for Sales Tax registration and exemption status

  • Guest options to file and pay Sales and Use, Withholding, and Admissions and Amusement tax forms.

  • Guest options to pay an existing liability

  • Apply for a new business

  • Apply for a first-time Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate