New name - New look!

Over the course of 2023, the leadership team at Garbelman Winslow undertook a branding project with our marketing partner to figure out what we represent as a whole firm.

Part of that process included looking at our name with an eye towards the future. Our historical process for the past 75 years, like many CPAs and lawyers, has been to add a new last name to the long string as each new partner came on. By the time we get to the 8th (Samantha Bowling) and 9th (Barrett Young) partner in the chain, that starts to become a mouthful. Some of our clients still remember when we used to be “Garbelman, Winslow, Benish, Deck, Grannell, Ewaski, and Bowling” or some combination of GWBDG&E before we shortened it to our trading name of Garbelman Winslow CPAs nearly ten years ago.

In the middle of the branding process, we settled on shortening our name even further to the initials of our two original founders, Paul Garbelman (1921-1995) and Jack Winslow (1930-2003).

Our firm’s new name is simply GWCPA.

Organically, we had already started to refer to ourselves internally as GW over the years, so this name change already felt like “us”. You still might see us use the casual “GW”, or sometimes see our legal name, GW CPA LLP, on documents as well.

We believe that GWCPA honors our heritage and our 75+ years in business, while also supporting our innovative and forward-looking culture. And it’s going to be a lot easier to tell people where we work in the future!

With the simpler and more representative name, we also wanted to introduce our new logo!

We love the work our branding agency took us through last year. It’s been more work than just simply picking a logo and colors and putting up a new website. It’s been a journey to learn who we are, define our values and focus on what we want to be in the future. Our values directly support our vision to empower business owners to build businesses worth passing on to the next generation, and we’re excited to see our name and values working to draw new clients and new team members to partner with us.