Payment Methods At GWCPA [2024]

The rollout/update of our new website combined with the tax delivery software we've used for the past few years has enabled us to better integrate and consolidate some of our payment options. And finally, we're able to accept credit cards, something many of our clients have asked us for years!

Here are the methods of payment we currently accept [Updated 2024]

  • Credit Card (Visa, MC, Amex)

  • Bank Draft (instant verification via online login, or after 1-3 business days via routing number/account number)

  • Checks*

Tax-Centric Clients

Payment is due via credit card at the time of delivery. Our tax delivery platform has integrated payment into this process via Stripe, which only allows for credit card (due to bank verification rules relating to money laundering).

For occasional consulting work that may be done through the year (projections, planning, response to the taxing authorities), work is invoiced and due upon receipt via our website payment page (credit card and bank draft available).

For clients who cannot pay via credit card, starting in December 2024 we will be sending those clients an engagement letter in advance with an estimate of their fee, so they may pay via either check or bank draft on our website in advance. Please contact your preparer to pay in advance.

*Finally, we know some of our clients still would like to mail checks. While we do currently still continue to accept this form of payment, we strongly advise against it and are working with our clients to phase out reliance. Read our blog post here on the increasing prevalence of check fraud in the economy.

Monthly Draft

We have been converting any clients for whom we provide over $9,000 in annual services to monthly ACH draft over the past few years. Our clients receive an engagement letter (either in December or June, depending on the project) with a projected monthly retainer for the coming year, which is then drafted from their bank account on the 1st of the month. Reconciliations are done at the end of the year and balances due when reconciled, and then the retainer is adjusted for the coming year.

Monthly ACH draft also applies to ALL new clients, except they receive a fixed price proposal (not a retainer).

For clients who have still not been converted over to a monthly retainer, work in process is invoiced monthly and due upon receipt via our website payment page (credit card and bank draft available).


Payroll processing fees are typically drafted from the bank account with the payrun. Your payroll engagement letter might outline specific exceptions.