How to Organize and Send your Tax Documents to GWCPA [Tax Season 2023]

Electronic Delivery

We are paperless at GWCPA, so what does that mean for you? We prefer to receive documents electronically, and we use the following technologies:

  1. Business Tax/Bookkeeping Information is sent to us via Inflo

  2. Individual Tax Information is sent to us via TaxCaddy

  3. Electronic documents securely via Safesend Exchange (links in each employee's signature)

  4. Engagement letters and proposals are delivered via Safesend Signatures for electronic signing

  5. Tax Returns are delivered via Safesend Returns for review, payment of your bill via CC, and signature

If you want to send us documents electronically, contact your CPA to initiate an invite to these platforms.

Paper Documents

If you still want to send us paper, that is still currently ok. All documents go through our processing room, where paper is scanned and routed as appropriate.

Please comply with the following requirements:

1. Remove all Staples and paper clips.

2. Remove documents from the envelopes they arrived in, and do not send those envelopes to us.

3. Remove all receipts – Keep these for your records; we do not need them. You should sum and list these expenses on a memo.

4. Ensure none of your documents have highlighted information with a marker/highlighter – Our scanners cannot read highlighted information.

5. All Broker Statements should be sent electronically from your investor broker to GWCPA to ensure we capture ALL of the required information. Please connect your broker with your CPA.

Paper documents sent to the office will be shredded. Please contact us for a copy of the scanned PDF for your records.

The method for sending us paper is as follows:

a) Private Delivery (FedEx, USPS, etc.)


GWCPA 995 North Prince Frederick Boulevard Suite 202 Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678

b) Drop-off Box at Prince Frederick Office

Our office hours are 9-5 on M-F (M-Th during the off-season). We have a secure drop box (similar to the Library) at the office if you need to drop something off after-hours.